Sunday, 26 February 2017

Part 4 of our job searching tips.


Even though we are a job Board, we understand we are only part of the job search process, We can’t stress enough just how important it is to network. Far, far more jobs are picked up in teh hidden job market through personal contacts and recommendations than through job ads. Social and business networking sites are increasingly the way to get yourself out there now, so make sure you sign up to the main ones.

Join LinkedIn, link up with lots of people and check out the jobs section every day. Go on to Twitter, follow useful people and companies in your sphere. Let it be known that you’re available and post tweets that are fun and useful so that you get followed and likely to be re-tweeted.

Do the same on Facebook – build up your network and ask about opportunities.

Remember though – employers are increasingly checking profiles on social networking sites, so make sure yours is clean and professional. Lots of inappropriate comments or drunken photos even comments about a current or potential employer are the quickest way to ruin your chances.

Of course, networking in person is still valuable – get out to business networking evenings and look on all social occasions as possible networking opportunities.

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