Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Part 42 of our job searching tips. (Wellbeing)


Most people don’t think about their wellbeing whilst job hunting, but it’s very important as it’s easy to feel down when you’ve sent out hundreds of applications and got nowhere.

Remember, persistence wins the prize and we tend to get in life what we expect. Expect the best and you are likely to get it. However, keep an open mind too. 

If you’re getting rejected all the time it could be that your CV, your application letter or your interview approach need work. Go through these with friends and/or professionals and get their feedback.

There is no harm in asking for feedback as to why you were rejected.  Many companies are too busy to reply but some will.

Do a weekly review of what you have achieved and track your progress, give yourself targets for the coming week and work on things you should improve. 

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